Allotment Gardens “Famous”

The allotments in the Brehmestraße (directly by the border sector) were in East Berlin. While researching the film we met former East Berliners who spoke of regret that the GDR has gone, to be replaced by an “elbow society” as well as those who spoke of the persecution suffered. One of the latter said that the Brehmestraße had been a stronghold of people who worked for the Stasi or were favoured by them and that “normal” people were not allowed to walk on one side of the pavement. GDR citizens only had access to the restricted areas close to the Wall with special papers and visitors had to apply for permission. Border guards, voluntary helpers of the border troops, police and their helpers, and the so-called ‘block caretakers’ In these areas acted as scouts and spies, reporting the activities of any ‘suspicious’ person. (Pankow)