Abspannwerk Humboldt

The Abspannwerk Humboldt (electrical power substation) in the Kopenhagener Straße is an extraordinary example, designed by the important industrial architect Hans H. Müller and built in 1927. The Wall was constructed directly next to the Abspannwerk Humboldt, so that it was in the East sector, and the Kopenhagener Straße was used as an entry point to the death strip by the border guards and their vehicles. The building was sold by Vattenfall in 2007 and is now rented out for events and film locations. Hans H. Müller also designed the Abspannwerk Scharnhorst, near Nordhafen, which appears along with the Abspannwerk Humboldt in Beatt’s first film CYCLING THE FRAME (1988). A tour of his buildings in Berlin is highly recommended for lovers of industrial architecture.