The Crew

Director              Cynthia Beatt
Cyclist                Tilda Swinton
Cinematogapher Ute Freund
Original sound   Frank Kruse
Editor                 Dörte Völz
Soundscape        Simon Fisher Turner
Sound Design     Jochen Jezussek
Mischung           Matthias Lempert
Stills                   Sandro Kopp, Robert
Ass. Director      Johannes Blume
Ass. Camera      Markus Otto
Dolly                  Nico Storch, Matthias
                           Maaß, Mathieu Rech
Velodriver           Paul Posse
Ass. Editor         Kolja Kunt
Unit manager     Roman Savary
Prod. Manager   Sabine Steyer
Subtitles             Petra Weisenburger,
                           Michael Weidt
                           Tariq Marzbaan
                           Lorna Hoefler-Steffen
                           Régine Provvedi
                           Bruno Duarte
                           Katja Petrowskaja
                           Mostapha Ounaddam
Catering             Hillmann Lebensmittel
Redaktion           Inge Classen
Producer            Frieder Schlaich
Production         Filmgalerie 451
Coproduktion    ZDF / 3sat
In cooperation with Goethe-Institut and
                          Federal Foreign Office
Funded by         Medienboard Berlin-

Cynthia Beatt

Born in Jamaica. Lived in Jamaica and the Fiji Islands for twenty years. Art Academy in England, followed by journeys in the Middle East, Iran, Afghanistan and India. Based in Berlin since 1975.


2009         The Invisible Frame
2006-09    A House in Berlin
1992-95    Heart of Light (script and
1990         The Party - Nature Morte
1988         Cycling the Frame
1985-86    The Dakui Gau Trio, Namosi
1983         Fury is a Feeling Too
1978-80    Study of an Island